The O.C.E.O. Foundatio n
"Providing Opportunities to Change, Educate and Overcome"™
 Why We Do What We Do

To Improve The Lives of Others

  1. Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen
    “I got out of prison in 2012 with ambition but no real plan or direction. I met Oceo shortly thereafter and since then he has been a loyal brother and mentor to me. Oceo helped me with understanding the process of staying out and moving forward. Oceo has impacted my life in a positive way such that someone who really cares would. He is consistently there to answer any questions I may have and has given me valuable lessons I will remember for life. I have made it four years free since I was incarcerated and I am doing things most people, even myself, would have never imagined. I am a certified graduate electrician apprentice from Lively Technical Institute, a Deans List student at Tallahassee Community College and on track to become an electrical engineer. I owe a lot of my success to Oceo and his support, knowledge and patience.”
  2. Eric Small
    Eric Small
    “It was the year 2012 when I first met Oceo Harris. He was a guest speaker at a seminar that offered inmates opportunities to be better individuals. He presented different plans and solutions for those that were soon to be released from incarceration. I took the advice that Mr. Harris offered and relocated to Tallahassee, Florida. In 2013, Mr. Harris helped and encouraged me to enroll into school. I enrolled into Lively Technical Center and completed a trade in A/C Refrigeration in December, 2014. Along the way he also helped me find employment. All the advice and encouragement he has given me has given me hope. I'm currently enrolled at Tallahassee Community College, and my goal is to earn my Ph.D. in Sports management. Mr. Harris has helped me realize that there are a lot of opportunities in life no matter what we go through in life.”
  3. Kendrick Robinson
    Kendrick Robinson
    “I met Oceo Harris about two years ago at the Randolph house in Tallahassee, FL. Since I've known him he's been a straight forward person and not afraid to tell you how he really feels about any situation. I've gained a lot of knowledge and learned a lot from him these past two years. He's truly made a difference in my life…thanks Mr. Harris!”

Who We Are

Our Passion

The O.C.E.O. Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that invests in the well-being of individuals transitioning through unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness, extended foster care and former incarceration. Our program model creates opportunities for individuals to develop entrepreneurial strategies, achieve occupational/educational goals, attain financial sustainability, and gain successful life management skills through peer mentoring and civic engagement.

Our Vision

To reduce the challenges and barriers that oppressed populations encounter through lack of resources, education and deprived employment opportunities.

Our Mission

To teach interpersonal skills, provide educational opportunities and nurture the development of social support systems for underserved populations.
"Providing Opportunities to Change, Educate & Overcome"™

Our History

The O.C.E.O. Foundation, Inc. is located in Tallahassee, FL and was originally formed as Widening Ex-Offender Resources International, Inc. (WE-R International, Inc.) on May 10, 2013 by two concerned individuals seeking resolutions for those affected by substance abuse and incarceration. Both saw an urgent need for this community resource and developed a mission to help individuals whose lives had hit bottom due to personal, social and mental challenges. The acronym meaning for The O.C.E.O. Foundation (Opportunities to Change, Educate and Overcome) was devised by Cheryl Shine, CPA and submitted for registration as its DBA/fictitious name. In March 2016, it became the official name representing the organization.


Reaching A Solution Through Social Change

Community Organizing
Social Entrepreneurship
We encourage, assist and advise individuals in their successful navigation of institutional learning centers while pursuing academic goals, professional development and/or career training.
We commit, support and engage constituents in relative issues (such as social policy, restoration of rights, voting, etc...) which impact the community and the scope of our organization.
    We assist with information, contacts and key people to allow our participants the opportunity to achieve financial independence through vocational and/or skilled training.
Prison Reform
Substance Abuse
Our vision is to help assist and nuture individuals who desire to move beyond homelessness so they may become advocates or peer allies with a Voice.
We inform lay people who are misinformed or unaware of the systemic process of incarceration. Whether entering or exiting, we also help individuals who have become entangled in the web of the criminal justice system.
We aim to provide direction, resources, referrals and counseling to individuals experiencing problematic consequences from substance usage.
Social Equity
Aging Out of Foster Care
Workforce diversity is an essential building component of our mission and core values. We help individuals who have been disqualified to work and provide employment through our relationships and social networks within the greater community.
We are committed to demonstrating the advancement of structural equality for: women, gender groups and ethnic minority communities. We believe everyone should have access and the opportunity to advance in their profession and personal development. 
Our vision is to assist young adults in becoming peer mentors as they transition out of foster care while helping them become more aware of social behaviors that may hinder them as they begin the process of navigating social institutions.

The Visionaries Leading Our Legacy